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Max Kashani

Recently we have rescued a boxer mix from LA county shelter. He was very scared and nervous around other dogs also had a separation anxiety. one of my friends who is using Mj’s pet grooming told me about the CBD product they sell. After visiting their salon and speaking with MJ I was convinced that I should try the CBD oil for Rocco. now its about 2 months that we are using the 500ml CBD oil and its very clear how calm and relax he is which makes it very easy for us to walk him around the neighborhood. I highly recommend it for any high stressed dog

Feed, exercise, brush, repeat! How many of you often forget that second-to-last step? Daily brushing is an important part of caring for your pet that many pet owners commonly overlook.

In addition to getting your pet professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks, we recommend brushing your pet’s coat daily.

Daily brushing helps stimulate your dog or cat’s skin and let the natural oils circulate, replenishing their fur and keep their skin hydrating and healthy. It gives you a good idea as to the health of their skin as well. You’ll quickly realize if there are any bumps, scabs, discolorations, or infections on your pets skin—something that could easily be missed for weeks or even months at a time without daily brushing.

Daily brushing is also a bonding experience for you and your animal. Dogs and cats alike enjoy spending time with their owners, and daily brushing helps create trust between you and your pet. If brushing seems painful for your animal, try rewarding them with treats and praising them with soft, soothing words to comfort them. Your pet will enjoy your undivided attention and will appreciate the massage that the brush provides.

Last but not least, daily brushing helps keep your pet looking their best! It prevents mats and tangles, and helps keep their coat in tip-top condition. A well-kempt pet is a happy pet, which means a better life for them and for you!

Do you brush your pet daily? Let us know in the comments.

All pet owners want to keep their dogs healthy so they can live a long, happy life, but it’s not always that easy. It takes time to fit in exercise, money to go to the vet for checkups, and trial and error to find the best food for an age-based diet. If you’re busy with work, family, and daily responsibilities, it can be difficult to carve out time to make sure your dog is healthy, yet it’s so important for his growth and development.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can make your dog’s health a priority. You’ll need to do a bit of research to find out where the best spots are in your area to let your dog run and play, and fitting in visits to the vet are important as well, not just for annual checkups but for preventative care. Starting with a good plan will allow you to arrange your schedule in a way that will suit both of you and will prevent stress and anxiety.

Here are a few tips on how to get started for a dog of any age.

Head to the dog park

Dog parks are wonderful spaces, not only because they allow pets to exercise and stay social, but because they are mostly safe spots that usually have leash-free areas for dogs to run and play in. Do some homework on dog parks in your area; an ideal park will have lots of trails and a fenced-in area for leash-free play, as well as an area solely for small dogs. The key to visiting these parks is to keep a watchful eye on both your pet and other animals to watch for signs of aggressiveness or illness. Keep hand sanitizer handy, as well as cleanup bags. For more tips on visiting the dog park, click here.

Get the right equipment

Make sure your pet has the appropriate leash and collar or harness for his size and age. Younger dogs are more energetic and tend to pull at a leash out of eagerness, so a harness is usually better for them to avoid energy. The right leash can help him stay safe and keep your hands from aching, especially if you have a large, muscular dog.

Prepare a healthy diet

Your dog’s breed, age, and weight can all have a bearing on what he should be eating. Talk to your vet about the best diet for your pet and work together to formulate meals that will give him energy and build strong muscles and bones. Like humans, dogs need balanced nutrition that will help them grow and keep their teeth healthy. Whether it’s prepared at home or bought at the store, always know what’s in your dog’s food.

Think twice about those treats

Calorie-rich treats can cause big problems if they’re given often, especially if you’re trying to help him lose weight. “Treats are the silent saboteur of slimming down. Those tiny treats are often hiding a significant amount of calories,” says Dr. Ernie Ward, founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

Keeping your dog fit and healthy at any age can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Diet and exercise are extremely important, of course, but finding a routine that works and sticking with it will help both you and your dog when it comes to his health.

Lorenna Taylor

The Baxter is 19 and could barely walk, he was having difficulty climbing stairs, falling and unable to jump. I started saving for…. Well you know.
Well now after 2 weeks of using MJS Pet CBD he’s not only walking around but I have a video of The Baxter Jumping over the Cat Tunnel and running around playing, climbing and…. Whew it’s Awesome…. TY

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