About MJ’s Pet Supplements


Our Story

Since his youth, MJ has always felt a special connection with animals. It seemed that no matter where he went, he would find an animal that needed help– almost as if they called to him.

He owns and operates a successful pet grooming business In Southern California. and after working with many Disabled, high stress and many senior dogs including his own German shepherd Rashin and his disabled baby Peanut he found a need for a great natural product to help other dogs in similar situations.That is when he decided to partner up with a local farmer who has great reputation and together create MJ’s Pet CBD. He is dedicated to using his unique connection with animals to provide a holistic, high-quality pet product and experience unlike any other.

Our Products

Our mission is to provide our guests with a fun and safe environment offering luxury amenities and professional, compassionate service at an efficient cost. We believe top-quality service shouldn’t break the bank, and that treating your pet should also be a treat for you. Interested in seeing what we have to offer? Check out our products to see our complete offerings.

Premium Quality


MJ’s Pet CBD is great to help your pet relax and enjoy life.


MJ has been working to provide relief to pets for over 10 years.

Top Quality

MJ’s Pet CBD uses only top-quality CBD and is 100% safe for your pets.